A Laugh-out-Loud, Emotional Musical Show Written and Performed by Talented Women

the Feminist, Played by Katherine Mount

the Traditionalist, Played by Jennie Jacobs

the Non-Conformist, Played by Nicole Faraday

Variety of Media

Check out all of the media associated with Isle Of Woman before you come to see us in 2018 for laughter, tears, and musical harmony.

The Album

Discover more about the Isle Of Woman album with all songs written and performed by at least 1 of the talented ladies in the show.

About the Show

Enjoy an evening full of emotion and side-splitting comedy with the exceptional Isle Of Woman, a hilarious musical show written and performed by women. With talented female comedians and actresses, you can delight in a light-hearted comedy night with 3 women that play very different characters: a feminist, a traditionalist, and a non-conformist. 

Touring all of the UK in 2018, the witty, relatable musical show involves a piano and a narrative about designing an island just for women, which is complemented by beautiful, interesting music. On this island, what would you want to ditch? As an interactive show, you have the chance to vote and take part in answering questions.

An Evening of Beautiful Harmonies and Humour

Think Fascinating Aïda meets the Andrews Sisters on topics relevant to women all over the world. Decide what you would take with you on the Isle Of Woman, and join us on our journey to creating a new colony of women where high heels could be a thing of the past, and servants wait on you hand and foot! 

All seen through the eyes of 3 very different women who are accompanied on the piano by yet another extraordinarily talented woman, they will have you laughing one moment, and crying the next.

A Fun-Filled, Interactive Show

The show is a mix of raucous, sharp, and witty comedy anthems, heartfelt songs, and honest chat expressing life for women of a certain age. It is a feel-good, uplifting evening that is sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear. All of the songs are original and composed by numerous female writers. 

All in the perspective of 3 very different yet stereotypical women, all discussions in our funny, enjoyable show are portrayed in a light-hearted manner.

Music Written by Women

The music is very harmonious with hilarious songs that are easy to listen to. With a mixture of poignant and emotive music, we want you to get to know the women as well as enjoy the accompanying melodies.

Our Mission

We are a brand-new musical comedy group with a mission to achieve world peace through laughter, tears, and musical harmony.

“Enjoyed Ourselves”

“Just home from watching your Telford performance. Absolutely brilliant! My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and laughed our socks off. Three very talented ladies! I shall enjoy singing along to the CD in the car.”

“Laughed and Cried”

“Great show in Shrewsbury tonight. Laughed and cried....superb :-)”

'Highly Recommended”

“Fantastic night watching Isle Of Woman.
Lots of laughs and amazing harmonies. Highly recommended”


Loose Women meets Room 101

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